The Importance of Email Marketing in Content Marketing Campaigns

Description: Find out the importance of email marketing and how to launch it in content marketing campaigns.

No marketers can deny the complements of both Search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing. In today’s marketing world, without high-quality content, your marketing campaigns are not able to compete with other opponents. Producing quality-oriented content enables you to enhance lists of useful keywords, optimize your pages that can rank high in search results, and get better inbound links. To do so, the data and your search rankings should always be under close monitoring. Invest your time to improve them will ultimately bring more viewers to your pages, get your content more popularity.

Email marketing is a vital part of your content marketing campaigns. 
If you think SEO and content marketing are enough for your marketing campaigns, you are wrong. There are a lot of strategies to support your content marketing campaigns, such as email marketing.

So how does this seemingly obsolete strategy fuel your marketing campaigns?

Email marketing is cost-effective 

Budget and resources are most common obstacles to marketing when launching their campaigns. It seems email marketing is a worth-pursuing strategy since it is enormously cost-efficient. First, you can easily launch an email campaign using inexpensive or even free mailing site. You only need a couple of good ideas and subscribers along with it. Once the system is built, it will run by itself and never cost you a few hundred dollars at one go.

Email marketing promotes content  

One of the primary advantages of email marketing is the content promotion. You can always highlight your best and most recent content in the newsletters for your subscribers. They could help boost the traffic to newly published articles, especially when you have a large group of loyal subscribers.

If your content is well-invested, and the readers enjoy receiving it, they will start to engage with it and share it with their friends and colleagues. Email marketing is inexpensive. It makes sure that your followers receive the news in a flash. There are no reasons not to include email marketing in your marketing campaigns. 

Email marketing leads to link attraction

If you want to be ahead of the SEO game, you need a strong link profile. Inbound links strengthen your site and give you an authority to pop up in organic search results. Without that authority, you can easily fall behind the race.

Email marketing makes sure the followers get the newest and most valuable posts, thus enhancing attention to them. If your content link with the original source of information, that increased attention will open a new gate for a feast of new links.

How you present your articles matter. Don’t forget to ask your audience to like and share the content with their social circles. By providing the original link or social media platforms together with the mail, you encourage the readers to share the content in a convenient and instant way.

Email marketing attracts new social media followers and engagement

One important tip is to link your social media accounts in your email blasts. In this way, you present to the audience your brand on social media platforms and encourage them to follow. Ultimately, it can also optimize the rate of follower engagement on those channels.

Though email marketing won’t directly improve your SEO results, it does indirectly vitalize the content’s exposure to readers, and therefore increase the possibility to get more inbound links.

Email marketing helps build up subscribers

Don’t let the benefits stay where they are. If you know how to launch your campaign, these benefits can be accrued further. Instead of letting visitors to your channels find their ways to the email list, you should provide opportunities to subscribe to the email list everywhere, including your website, blog pages, and other social media platforms. If you ensure the quality of the content and engagement rate, you will enlarge your subscriber base in no time.

Some notices before getting started

Don’t rush into launching your email marketing without considering this two most important factors: the subscribers and your message.

Start with an initial subscribership. Your email list enables the visibility and reach of your content and potentially increasing engagement rate. This realization lures many marketers into buying an existing email list so they don’t have to put any attempt to do it naturally. However, this poses a potential risk. If those readers don’t subscribe to your content but still receive it, they may consider your messages as spam. So cultivate a strong subscribership at first to make sure your message is treasured.

The value of your messages comes first. Don’t neglect your email content. It should always offer some value to your customers. By presenting them your best and most recent posts, providing them information and news they won’t find anywhere else, or whatever you can offer them, your message and the connection to the audience are strengthened