Which marketing channel should you choose: Influencer Marketing or Facebook Ads?

Meta: People who influence and advertise on Facebook? What communication channels should you bet on? Let’s check it out!

Influencer Marketing (influential people) and Facebook Ads (advertising on Facebook) - Which marketing channel is best for your business development?

Influencer Marketing is a social marketing concept that is not new in the world, but in Vietnam it has not really developed strongly. It is a call for an influential person to have the same audience with our target audience. The goal is to promote the brand of the product or service to the community of the person.

Influencer marketing = your brand + social influencers
Now brands are more likely to start collaborating with influencers. According to research, 70% of European businesses have applied this form of marketing. Meanwhile, advertising on Facebook is up 70% every year.
In this article, you will know what Influencer Marketing can bring about, compared to ads on Facebook. So who has the influence and advertising on the Facebook - which one is the best to grow your business?

Facebook Ads have clear goals

Facebook has set their goals clealrly
The ads on facebook allow you to track potential leads based on location, demographics (age, gender, etc.), interests, the pages that they like, and their behaviors.

Facebook Ads are quite complex

And there is no credible element because it is a classic advertising method.

With so many choices, you may be overwhelmed and stressed. After all, finding the right target is like finding the needle in the bottom of the tank. Not to mention, you always have to be creative - make sure your images, videos, message content and suggestions can attract the attention of your audience so they click and buy.
You’ll be overwhelmed when standing in front of many ads choices

Influential people can gain credibility and interact well with the audience

Customers tend to trust influential people who advertise a product or service
Influential people are interested in creativity. That means we do not have to put too much pressure on communicating with the audience,  because influencers are the persons who know how to do it best. They also have the trust of the audience, this saves us the mountains of time, pressure, the work to do. So we can focus on key indicators like revenue and profit.

Influencer Marketing has no special software

Influential people can not have a clear goal like advertising on facebook, because they are limited by software, tracking tools. But you can still capture who you target for marketing through views from Facebook or Instagram. The softwares like Tapinfluence and Famebit also help marketers with their influencing targets.

Facebook Ads are less barrier and low risk

You can run ads for $1 per day and see what works without having to spend the risky money. You can set a daily or lifetime budget to pay for impressions, clicks, or videos.

Tip: When a Facebook user interacts with an ad, their friends can see it - it's free for you.

Small steps, long race

Although advertising on Facebook is affordable, it is rare for you to find the right content and target audience to convert into cash.

When you run an ad campaign for $1 per day and the cost per click is $2, then Facebook will still run your ad until only one click will turn it off. This is a bad sign because a click is not guaranteed to convert into a purchase. With a typical cost-per-click (CPC) of less than 1%, you can imagine how many ads need to be clicked and finally converted.

What does money say?

Even though the influential people have the lowest prices on the market, the cost of its entry is high. The reason is their price based on a bundle model. Generally, this can be observed in the ad posts they release. The more articles you buy, the cheaper they cost.

Facebook Ads and Infuencer Marketing can track their conversions correctly

If you use Facebook's unique pixel tracking technology, or Google Tag Manager, they will let you convert data from paid or non-paid channels. There are more than 2 million active advertisers on Facebook and there are too many influencers in many fields to mention them.

In the middle of marketing from influencers and advertising on Facebook, which one should you use?

Facebook ad clicks are increasing by 70% per year and ad clickthroughs by 160%.

On the other hand, 90% of consumers believe in influencers, compared to over 33% of people believe in an ad. 51% of marketers believe they get better customers through marketing from influencers.

Each channel has its pros and cons, and it’s you who will decide which campaign type you want to apply to your business. It may even be more interesting to combine marketing with influencers and the ads on Facebook, putting content from influential advertisers' campaigns into costly ad campaigns.