15 leading trends in digital marketing in the future.

These digital marketing trends will continue to lead in the future. So, in order not to be left behind, marketers must continuously update new knowledge and trending.

To build awareness and increase the impact, digital marketers need to make a big difference in technology to bring the best and most diverse experiences to customers.

With this thought, we have here 15 members of the Forbes Agency Council share interesting new digital marketing trends.

1. Incorporate Augmented Reality (AR) into social networking

Along with the development of electronic devices and the integration of AR into social networking, brands will use AR to communicate with customers. For example, based on the navigation system, the brand will run AR content to the user at the right time and the right place. Pokémon Go is a pioneer in this idea, and it is likely that Instagram and Facebook will soon apply this technology to their platform.

2. The collapse of Influence marketing

Companies are pouring millions of dollars into influencers to promote their brands, but they do not seem to be able to measure and evaluate that considerable investment that can bring about good results or not. Working with influencers helps increase brand awareness, but the price is too high and steep to return. Instead, brands are gradually turning to grassroots promotion. This promotion is a form of encouragement for those who care deeply about the product, and the brand becomes a volunteer who communicates the message naturally. They will become a support team, sales, and promotion products, so the results are more realistic and realistic.

3. Understand the customer's shopping process

Data-driven marketing is the use of customer data, including habits, behaviors, needs, etc. to optimize the effectiveness of advertising and marketing campaigns. Data-driven is a handy tool, and essential for the trend of digital marketing 4.0.

However, how to transform that data into a customer shopping journey is the key to the success of digital marketing. All we need to do is use the data to follow the customer, find out what they are interested in, and then design a marketing strategy to reach customers in the long run and most effective.

4. Build targeted ads with specific goals

Customers are tired of having to watch all sorts of ads every day and have little or no interest in them. At present, ads need to be built merely for specific purposes, whether on desktop or mobile. Mobile advertising platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., will show a significant advantage in 2018.

5. Professional direct video 

The video continues to trend in 2018 but grows at a higher level: Direct video professional. Social networking platforms are racing and trying to add many features to the tool. Live video is a great way to connect with your customers, and it's even better if it's professionally done, high quality on the images with support devices.

6. Interactive user interface

Interactive and interactive tools such as Amazon's Alexa, Microsoft's Cortana, chatbots, etc. will continue to demonstrate their place in the everyday habits and lives of their customers.

Communication is the most primitive and natural way for a brand to reach customers. Moreover, these tools are created for a variety of purposes, which may be information, be it transactional, or may be fun for the user.

7. Video Marketing

A video is becoming the most popular and influential medium in digital content that is likely to bring a great deal of profit if the business knows how to make the most of it. In a fiercely competitive market to attract the attention of customers, the video becomes a trump card that boosts search rankings, interaction, and website traffic.

8. Personalize the sales process

E-mails and advertisements with messages that are not clear, not directed at a particular person are gradually becoming boring and out of order. Clarify your goals and personalize your message. With the marketer, potential customer attention is a treasure, and customized customer interaction strategies are the key to unlocking the treasure.

9. Contextual advertising strategy

In the context of tightened data protection regulations, keeping track of user behaviors with cookies will be difficult. Thus, marketers are gradually turning to contextual advertising.

The contextual advertising system scans the main content of the site and offers ads that match the content of the page. For example, if the system recognizes a user is visiting an information technology website, advertisements related to electronics, technology will appear.

10. Using the phrase "Cost per ..."

Smart digital marketers will continue to delve deeper into the actual rate of return based on the identification of all traditional indicators such as CPM (cost per impression) - price per 1000 impressions CPC per click cost per click CPL (cost per lead) - price per survey completed, and CPP (cost per rating point) - cost per click rating.

With too many channels of information and advertising tools, marketers must execute their campaigns intelligently and accurately measure their performance.

11. Natural ads

Natural approaching is the form of advertising that the content promoted will appear on a website based on the operation, the experience of each user. Unlike many other ways, native ads do not interrupt the user experience on the site or application. Ad content will appear naturally as regular content.

Natural ads are one of the most useful tools to create a viral effect and bring your business to the target audience as quickly as possible.

12. Integrated technology with real-world experience

In 2018, digital no longer exists as a separate entity that often appears in complex formation with real experience.

We've seen this combination in sporting events or significant events - where users begin to have online experiences before and during the game. They can interact with the speakers, view the content of the speech through the application in real time, while the actual event is still going on. Many people expect this will be a new playground, many "land" for the marketers to continue to exploit.

13. Voice Marketing

Google announces that voice makes up to 20% of search queries on mobile devices. Moreover, that number tends to increase but not decrease, as more and more people are accustomed to using tools like Alexa, Siri and even voice-controlled smart refrigerators. Marketers need to tap into this growing trend of digital marketing to build content to attract new customers and develop advertising in non-traditional areas - such as the refrigerator's screen.

14. Prediction algorithm

Application programming interfaces are extensible to machine learning algorithms, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence. This feature makes it possible for all large enterprises to predict better their marketing spend to optimize their budgets. Prediction is an essential step that every marketer must pay attention.

15. Other types of content marketing

Every day, many new formats launch each with the vigorous development of video, content marketing is no longer stopped in the blog posts or newspapers anymore. Voice search changes a lot of content strategy, highlighting the quotes. Valuable content, interactive instructions will be returned by the device to the user by voice. Content will become lively, interactive and integrated with the user interface.