3 Tips for successful Content Marketing Campaign

“How to utilize content marketing so that your business benefits from it? 3 content marketing tips below are the answers”

No one can deny the vitally important role of content marketing in the marketing world. According to the latest statistics by the Content Marketing Institute, content marketing has been used by over 80% of marketers in their yearly marketing plan. In order to effectively utilize this amazing tool, we need to understand what content marketing is and how you can make use of it to promote your services online.

The Content Marketing Institute defines online marketing as “a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract an acquire a clearly defined audience - with the objective of driving profitable customer action.” Unlike traditional marketing strategies, content marketing often refers to the involvement of online material including videos, blog posts, infographics, articles, case studies, and social media posts. Online marketing aims at inaugurating and providing potential customers or clients in a product or service with adequate, helpful and creative approaches.

Content marketing should definitely be one of your most effective tool for selling services and products online. Why? The reasons are below.
  • Content marketing does not only sell, it tells stories. Instead of the direct sales-y way of promoting services or products, online marketing unfolds your brand’s story in a friendly, authentic and attracting way in order to show them that the service you are offering is the answer they’ve been looking for. 
  • Content marketing helps to build your reputation and gain trust from potential customers and clients. As the readers react positively to your content marketing campaign, over time, they will entrust you and become your clients.  
  • Unlike traditional marketing approach, content marketing creates engagement. Interest blog posts or videos can stimulate readers to reply and involve the content. By answering your questions on Facebook, asking a question related to a blog post, the reader has gradually become your prospective customer. Your task is now to deepen your relationship with the customer and finally get them bought what you sell. 
How to use content marketing on your website effectively and precisely? 3 tips below will help you better bring in this marketing approach.

Content that provides a solution to customers’ problem. 

Why should people choose your service in the first place while there are thousands of similar services out there? Because only you can provide them with service that solves their problem. Instead of turning yourself into a service provider, there is a friendly and helpful way to present yourself as a problem solver.

For example, you offer an English-tutoring service. How can you help customers with their problem? With content marketing, you do not just sale your lessons. You are giving out chances for those who want to improve their language skills and pave their way into the international job market. Their problem is they’re tired of being unable to make a simple conversation while in other countries or being passed over for jobs with good salary because of their English skills. You help them deal with the problem.

Your content should focus on what kinds of problems you could help solve with the service. It should show that you are the best man for the job and that it’s the right choice to come to you as you are the expert in the field. Once prospects think they could get help from only you since you provide professional and useful services and products, which will be half the battle won.

Content marketing is sharing

Content marketing could be a powerful tool if you create interesting, insightful and informative content that inspires and encourages your readers to share with their friends. Sharing behavior from readers could be built up by well-written, detail-oriented blog posts, insightful articles or videos that solve problems the readers are looking for. Furthermore, by simply asking your readers to share your content by clicking share buttons from sites like Facebook or Twitter, you have your messages gone beyond your original audience.

Content marketing requires creativity

Content marketing is a viral type of marketing, given that readers are eager to share your contents with their friends and colleagues if they find your pieces of information valuable. Therefore, to make good content, creativity is required.

Content is not only written words. A great content marketer knows how to accelerate his marketing approach by creating visual or audible content. How-to videos, podcasts, webinars or infographics can all highlight your expertise. In fact, Buffer, a social media management company, shows that visual content attracts readers and likely to get shared on social media 40 times than other kinds of content. So regular and dynamic content is a must on your social media channels if you want to raise the rate of return visits and sharing content.