5 Mobile Marketing Strategies To Enhance Sales and Engagement

Does your company have a mobile marketing strategy yet? If not, our 5 essential strategies today will help to push your business sales to the next level.

Learn mobile strategies for driving more mobile conversion
As we see, mobile marketing now has become an essential part of doing your online business, but what types of strategies would you be in? Aside from owning a mobile-optimized site, which one will be the most likely to boost your experience? Here, we’ll bring you a short look at the most effective mobile marketing strategies to enhance sales and engagement.

And remember that the marketing campaign does not mean that you have to launch an expensive mobile app. It’s because such a thing is not just about flashy apps that nobody likes to use or the trendy features that soon fall out of fashion just in a few months. So please focus only on these five key areas to boost your marketing attempts.

Have a site optimized for mobile

Build a site optimized for your mobile device
This is surely the first thing that should come up in your mind, but it never hurts for us to restate it. To satisfy the demands and expectations of mobile users, you’re advised to own one website that’s completely optimized for the mobile. Each respect of your site experience needs to get tested on smartphone devices and is ensured to meet the mobile browsers’ manners.

Besides, the content on site must be built properly so that you or any other mobile user can digest it easily. For example, it’s about short paragraphs, numbered lists, clicks by scrolling over, and checkout info that has to be auto-filled.

Social media use for mobile

Instagram channel ensures your brand to present on mobile
Bear in mind how nearly every mobile user likes to use their phones for email checking. And social media is just another activity that consumes a lot of time from the users. Not just such a thing makes a great reason to build a robust social media for mobile marketing strategy, but it’s also worth to invest in some popular social channels, such as Snapchat or Instagram.

Owning an intense social presence of the mobile users who often interact with your brand from a smartphone, is exactly the key to your whole success in mobile marketing. It’s necessary to guarantee your brand to be available on mobile wherever and whenever the users are.

Digital video on mobile

Apart from social media channels, digital video is another common thing having the most love from users. More than 60% of them will spend more time watching video on their devices. And as a marketing channel, the video will grow more since the user’s taste for video content has gone up high recently.

Also, investing in this field - the buildup of video content makes an intelligent move from the marketing perspective. The video is one of many ways out there to help your brand to stand out from the crowds or other competitors.

Once doing it properly, it will attract a lot of attention so that you can have a high potential to reach more audiences different from those who are likely to read your content. And obviously, video is not just the only intelligent content marketing play you can rely on, but it’s also a smart mobile marketing play.

Most mobile users are the key consumers of such videos, making your investment in video contents produce more opportunities to reach your mobile audience.

Concern about push notifications

Push notifications play a crucial part in any of your mobile marketing strategies without a doubt. Following Localytics, they can improve your app usage by 88% and 50% of users who choose push notifications. They do not just advance mobile traffic for your business, but they make one of the most useful ways for capturing the quick attention spans of all consumers.

Push notifications help to draw quick attention from clients
The key to these notifications is to use them creatively so that they can encourage more engagement, yet does not irritate the users.

As we know, businesses always keep moving forward to gain a good social relationship with their clients via the use of mobile interaction. It’s just the right kind of action showing that businesses are willing to show the consumer that the business takes a great interest in creating a relationship.

Use it as a great medium for joining in such a highly growing marketing trend where businesses tend to convey a humorous tone with their clients.They’re fun, creative, and interesting enough to let the business to experience their success from their huge attempts.

QR Code mobile marketing 

QR or also known as quick response, which was first invented in Japan for tracking some components in many factories. They offer a solution of adding the web-based content, a URL to the messages, objects, and locations.

Besides, they make a perfect option for every integrated campaign by offering one digital offer and drive engagement with one brand, which usually leads to some certain interactions on a site, a social channel via the mobile.

Though such codes in mobile marketing just begin gaining traction, there are still a lot of other companies and some individuals who make their messages clear and loud enough to the adopters. For examples, you might encounter some eye-catching Instagram ads in QR codes, like Angry birds which will take you straight to download the app.


For those who are looking to maintain your customers’ loyalty, mobile marketing is just one of the most popular solutions that are too big to ignore nowadays. It’s time to increase more sales and customer engagement with your brand on these portable mobile devices just by going through our five simple yet effective strategies in this post today.