6 Ways To Make Your Content Much More Attractive To Readers

Once FB has already changed the algorithm, businesses are worried about the customer appealing in their page when their fans have the right to decide the types of content they might want to enjoy or remove in their news feed.

The rate of reaching the audiences is 6 percent only on a page, and this ratio could strongly decrease in the forthcoming time. To prevent the negative situation, you need to some tips to improve the content to catch more audiences on your FB page. Here are six tricks to smooth your wave as follows.

1.Set the target for your content

One of the greatest features in the FB ads platforms are the administrator could enable the goals to appeal more specific audiences in the news feed. Similarly, you can do the same task for your content – set the targets in the content to let fans are attractive.
Which types of service and products do you want to entice potential clients? Do you know their hobbies? Do you understand their behavior in the long period of time? Do you realize their genders, their occupations, and their wish?

By allocating this, your content could be reached specific fans without investing the budget in promoting your FB page. In other words, your content does not make an annoyance and spread out other audiences.

Though you do not know the number of audiences catching the content in your FB page exactly, you would build a smart strategy and make incredible content to grow the influence of your content in the news feed.

To do this, you should open the settings feature to choose the Editor setting and the Edit page to allow and select the target for your content

2.Add “congrats” as another keyword

You might be surprised that congrats are becoming another keyword of FB, and the users usually see it in their news feed. Thus, you also could take this keyword in your content and your comments in each of the posts.

Furthermore, you will need to create the content that is related to the “congrats” keyword or ask your friends to put this word in the comment box.

Once putting it, you will boost the impact of your content and keep it in their news feed for a while. Do not miss out this opportunity!

3.Use the high quality of the images

In the past, updating a status by the text was much more attractive than the images in the news feed.

However, the impact of the pictures on the page could be higher than a simple content, according to the indication from some companies has pointed out that.

On the flip side, the type of pictures are the visible approach for most of the users when using FB, and you also need to improve the techniques as well as understanding the customer mind.

4.Try to post the content in a specific time

You have already known the golden time to publish your posts appearing in the news feed. Have you ever thought that several marketers also do the same thing as you do? So, the best time to publish a post would not stay on the golden time even though you realize the time.

In this situation, you enable to try another time to let your post come into the page. Landing off your content in the early morning or late night to welcome various audiences.

You do not have to compete with other rivals to engage patrons and your fans. Moreover, the engagement will rise more than you might expect.

5.Use the question method

To stimulate the curiosity from audiences and clients, you could apply the question method to keep the customer’s eyes in your story and sharing it with your friends.

Hence, you will have great organic engagement due to the viral content. This method is not new, but it still affects in the content - marketing art.

6.Maintain the relationship with famous page administrators

With this trick, you will get another opportunity to spread more potential customers from other pages through the news feed.

To do this, you must make ensure that both of you have the same target audiences, but your businesses and your fields are different.

On the other hand, you should make and repost the content on the website or blogs to use these articles on your page.

Add the Call to Action button on the top of the page

By using the call to action button on your page, you will encourage possible buyers to choose your business as this is an amazing way to undertake in the short marketing campaign. Register, buy it now, contact us, etc. is visible buttons about the call to action which you should add to your plans.


Those are six core tricks to improve your content which is much more attractive for fans and improving your performance in the news feed of the users. Even if you use all of six ways or from one to two tricks, the key point to build your content is making useful posts. This is the right direction to support you drive the traffic to your page, and make the audiences become your loyal clients over a long period of time. So now, it is the time to begin your sail!