A Necessary Instruction for SEO Keyword Research That You Need to Know

Is SEO keyword research easy for Seoers? Let’s check it out.

When you make a website selling products or make money online, such as affiliate marketing or YouTube website; many of you often ignore the keyword research when implementing SEO campaigns. But you should know that this stage has great effect on your success.

SEO keyword research is a long-standing concept. It’s difficult to understand as well as to perform, but it's very effective. However, the Seoers don’t usually appreciate this, and they often take impulsive acts. There is few people have a specific keyword plan for the site they are doing. So, our small review of the SEO keyword research will help you complete the keyword research skills in the process of making Seo.


What are keywords? A keyword is a word or phrase that identifies a subject, object, or concept. When people want to find information, they will search for that keyword on the search engine and will get the result related to that keyword.


Keywords are the most significant factor in the SEO process
According to our research, keywords are the most important factor in the SEO process. If you have a project and have a set of keywords related to them, you already have 70% success rate, the remaining 30% is just your navigation. But to get a set of keywords, you have to spend a lot of time and effort researching. If you go in the wrong direction from this step, I’m sure your project won’t be successful.


Step 1. Analyze and find information about the project

Every Seoer or Seo services company has to go through this step. It's about analyzing and exploring the information about the project and finding the key that gives real value. One crucial step contributes to the success of the project as well as the pressure of the search engine is to find the hor keyword. It’s the keywords that gained a lot of searches. Especially, this will likely bring you or the owner of the project that you receive revenue. In other words, you have to find the keywords that help to increase sales of the site.
  • Find about the main content the site: Your keyword should be targeted to the content of the website. In fact, it will cover all the services you target and these are the main keywords. You should learn about content or learn about the service and product which the website geared towards users. This will give you an overview of the keyword for the whole site.
  • Where the customers live: Where are your customers? That's what you have to deal with geography. The difference in a region will change and there will be a difference in the keywords. 
  • Time: This is something you should focus, because at a certain time, that keyword will be hot and maybe after a period of time, that keyword will no longer be searched anymore.
Evaluating the basic steps of making keywords requires your patience

Step 2: Collect relevant keywords

The next step you need to do in keyword research is to collect and summarize keywords. You should use the following tools to research and recite keywords for your project.
  • Use Google Keyword Tools: Google Keyword is part of Google Adword. It was created for Google ads to make them more effectively. This is the most effective keyword evaluation tool of Google and is used by many Seo-er. Especially, it's totally free. This tool will help you evaluate keyword searches, word competition, and average searches per month. Moreover, Google Keyword Tools will help you get keywords related to keyword which the userss often search.
  • Using Google Trends: The most intriguing thing about Google Trends is that it helps assess the future trends of that keyword. This is considered as the Leatherman pliers of the soldiers in the Swiss army. This tool helps users discover what the world is looking for and helps the Seoers, SEO services companies evaluate the next trend of the keyword. If you have not used Google Trend yet, check out this trend. It will help you a lot in navigating the project.
  • Using Google Suggestions: There is nothing more interesting than the fact that you collect keywords from Google. This is a feature that automatically completes search queries based on the popularity of the keyword. This tool not only saves users time, but also gives you good suggestions about keywords. Go to Google and type in your short keyword, Google will show you the related keywords which is called Google Suggest. It helps you see which keywords that Google and your users like, so you can add them to your sets of keyword.
  • Use the tool to find the keyword of your competitors: The indispensable when doing any SEO project is to research the keyword of the competitors. Researching your own keywords gives you a sense of where your competitor is headed and you will be more likely to beat them.

Step 3: Define main and auxiliary keywords

Before defining your main and auxiliary keywords, you should learn about the concept of them. This helps you get the most specific and accurate view of keyword classification in the research process.
  • Main keywords: is the short keyword that describes or is the theme for your website. If a website with a keyword domain, it is easy to identify. Descriptive or specific domain names are also primary keywords. The rest with branded domain names or no description, the "self-defined main topic" in the website will be the main keyword. .
  • Auxiliary keyword: is a keyword that is related to the main keyword, usually long and descriptive, closely related to the main keyword or the keyword group.

Step 4: Check the difficulty of the keyword

Checking the difficulty of a keyword is very important in Seo. With the hard keywords, you need to give it a thorough plan by going over a set of auxiliary keywords for the main keyword, then start the project. Determining the difficulty of the keyword is also your calculation and cost accounting of the entire project.

Depending on the Google Keyword Tool's monthly search index:

+ 100 -> 1000: Normal difficulty level
+ 1000 -> 10,000: relative difficulty level
+ 10,000 -> 100,000: The level of difficulty is quite high

When you use the Goole Keyword Tool, you only see Low, Medium, High. Hover the mouse and it will show you a number (the highest is 1 and the lowest is 0.1). You should also pay attention to this indicator.

Step 5: Filter out the keyword set and complete the keyword set

After checking the keywords using the Keyword Tool, checking the keywords, you should save the Excel file and combine the related keywords into a Sheet file in Excel. Then,  synthesize and categorize the main, auxiliary, interlinked keywords, and select the keywords with the highest conversion rates.

Some notes when researching keywords:
- Collect all information related to the keyword
- Do not miss any small things about the keyword.

With these steps, I believe that you will get the best keyword set and a basic keyword research model for your projects. Hope you will do it!