A Step By Step Guide On How To Run A Micro Influencers Campaign

In this article, you will know how to use Native Ads to boost the revenue of the E-commerce from a sharing of Mr. KHANH – a CEO of FBZA. You will know the reason why many clients are willing to pay much money on your website. On the one hand, you will recognize the importance of Native Ads is the strongest marketing tool if you have the right strategy to let it run.

What is Native Ad?

Native Ad is a platform of paid media which allows the content marketing and the ad experience of the users to make it naturally. Therefore, when users see this form, they think that they are watching a normal content yet an adverting content.
When Native Ads become hugely popular with several audiences, it is the time enterprises are willing to attend this playground. There are various platforms of this form such as images, press releases, video promotions, social media, music, etc.

Whether it has many platforms, it still has two certain points that you can recognize:
  • Increase the visual method in which the ability to see and feeling of people will be accelerated. People can choose to see it or not; they have a flexible choice.
  • People also enable to get their experience as they see a natural concept. For example, the content is displayed as an independent form, and it is not attached to other advertising platforms from a website. 
Audiences do not want to see advertising anymore in these days; it is believed that Native Ads is a new trend in the Internet Marketing.

According to a survey of Sharethrough and Media Lab IPG, the percentage of clients that are willing to use Native Ads is increased up to 52 percent. This percentage is bigger than other banner ads platforms.

The following content time of Native Ads is 20 percent less than the time of advertising blocks which has the same concept.

Thanks to Native Ads, CTR figures are higher for all advertising blocks which rates up to one - two percent. The average CTR percentage of Native Ads is stable in 0.15 percent for websites and 1 percent for mobiles. Hence, these numbers will boost CPC and CPM figures strongly with a high income for webmasters.

“With tons of companies use Native Ads for their ad campaigns, the price of using this platform is reasonable, and the positive influence on their website is incredible. Furthermore, their competitors could not combine many advertising platforms in their advertising campaigns”, according to Mr. KHANH

But, how should you establish Native Ads campaigns? How could you know a marketing agency run your Native Ads campaigns with your budget effectively?
If you are marketers like several agencies, you will have to spend much money to learn related courses, but you are not sure the final influence. In other words, you ought to study theories only without having more practices. Or you must pay for an expert to create and run your campaigns with higher cost.

To reduce the cost, you should study and do it by yourself by reading many references and following some experienced marketers about Native Ads in your industry.

An example of a native ad

How to use Native Ads effectively?

There are three main ways to help you create an efficient campaign.

Find out Successful Native Ads

You have two options for finding appropriate and effective ads in your industry:
  • You should spend tons of hours to research ads on the Internet for related ads, and you analyze these ads by yourself. 
  • You ought to use Advault.fo program to support you analyze various ads platforms and rate them in a fixed level based on its effect like the performance of the advertising on the market, the appearance of ads on the market or the targeted pages in its appearance, etc. Please keep in mind that you have to pay a fee for using this program at $179 per month. You can use a trial version for three days only. Read more on the page
Advault.fo program
Thanks to the figures statistic in this program, you will make an accurate idea about the influence of the ads or not.

When you have already found a good advertising, it is time to think of what will happen with your ad in the upcoming time.

You need to ensure that your ads are sending saving intervals to an attractive landing page with the best-optimized result.

Find successful landing page

When you have a closer look at the ads of your rivals, these tools will let you know the state of their landing page to change the saving interval of their ads.

You just access their landing pages and observe how your competitors adjust from a reader to a client. In this situation, you are their customers and watch how they satisfy you.

If it is a great landing page, you will save it on your list and study how your rivals run their campaigns.

Persuasiveness factor

At this time, you have already recognized how competitors treat their customers as well as how should they run their campaigns. However, to make and run your campaign, you need to find your unique points to appeal your audiences.

Observe what your rivals have done in their landing pages only
You can steal many ads as well as the content of their landing pages around the world, but these ads will give the side effects for your landing pages such as conversion rates, their local regulations, and copyright law.

Therefore, you need to recognize your audiences like where they are come from, what hobbies they have, etc. to ensure your ads are suitable for them. In other words, you enable to see and study their CTA, their content, their images and create your unique ads. Do not copy all ideas.

On the flip side, you can study how they treat their customers in their landing pages as well as the structure of their landing pages to think of your own.
A thumb rule of getting a successful ad is creating a distinctive concept in your campaign. Everything you need to do is taking time to follow your rivals and study how they treat for their campaigns on a regular basis.

Find from three to five ads to observe, study, and analyze before playing your campaign. Do not make a rush!