How to Build a Great Partnership with YouTube Influencers?

Meta: YouTube influencers are available on the market right now, but you should set wise strategies and plans to choose the right ones for your brand.


using youtube influencers to promote a product or a service is not a new phenomenon in the digital age. This is a huge potential marketing platform that most of the brands always stay focused on them. However, to find out and build a great partnership with them is a daunting challenge indeed.

All YouTube influencer often have caught by their level with their reputation brand because people watch and follow them through their way. Thus, marketers and all business owners have to make the right strategy and plan. Here are a few ideas to help you make a solid relationship with them in the long run.

#1- Find the real YouTube influencers

Everyone can be a video maker on the YouTube platform, and they could be their audiences.
Thus, it is a challenge for you to find the authentic influencers. Also, you should have some techniques to find out their videos are real or fake products. Do they produce their videos by themselves?

In fact, most of the YouTubers are not a good actor or actress and audiences do not watch videos on the YouTube for enjoying commercials. They search and watch their favorite tastes which give them a lot of useful information.

When you understand the market of YouTubers industry, you will adjust the right plan to find an authentic influencer for your brand. There are many YouTube influencers available, but the real one is so hard to find.

#2 – Construct a strong groundwork 

To get your goals, you should determine your real campaign objectives which support your company expand more and more by setting some KPIs such as cost per conversion, cost each view, etc.
When making messaging, you should think of these in a framework because this is not a scripted video.

Let the YouTubers build their real story around your guide and your framework. If you get them a content which is rigid, the audiences will recognize that the concept is used for advertising or running a specific campaign. Remember that, your audiences and your customers are smarter with full of information in the digital world.

#3 –Do not assume that they have many followers means that they are a quality YouTube influencer

This is another confused point that every marketer will trap when they are going to find an influencer on the YouTube: they see a YouTube influencer with hundreds of followers and this number is going to increase. Then, marketers think that this influencer is a great choice for brands.

The truth is that the number of followers and the quality of an influencer do not catch the same point! The key here is finding the proper influencer which is suitable for your brands or your vision you want to boost and attract the audiences.

If you choose an influencer with several followers, but he or she enables to understand the entertainment industry only, they will not have a deep background other industries. How can they perform your product or service?

#4 –Estimate your budget before choosing a YouTube influencer

Your budget will determine the number and size of influencers you select; especially YouTube influencers. In general, sponsoring for an influencer is the major bucks you have to consider. How long could you sponsor for them? What kinds of content in each video do you want to go with them?
Most of the experienced marketers agree that they will pay for influencer range from $0.04 to $0.07 cost per view (CPV) for integrated video while dedicated videos should pay between $0.08 and $0.15 CPV.

#5 –Make your standard about a YouTube influencer

Before selecting the right YouTube influencer, you should make your standard about an influencer you need to such as their gender, their characteristic, their voice, their posture, etc. These points will depend on how your brand do business is. If you are selling speakers, you will need to pay attention to their voice rather than their characteristic, for example.

#6 –Give them some sample or free products first 

You should let YouTube influencers have a deep understanding of your products, services, and your vision. In other words, they need to have a great background about your brand or your company.
When they know your brand, they will perform natural concept to introduce your brand or service without getting some direct advertisement information. If they love your product or service, you will reduce cost a lot in the future. Influencers probably mention your brands on a regular basis.

#7 –Increase the interaction with them in the real world

The key success for improving a relationship is that you have to communicate to them on a regular basis.

By doing this, you enable to understand your partner clearly and smoothly. This method is not good for a romantic relationship but also is a great technique to build a strong partnership with your clients and partners as well.

Although both of us can communicate to others by email, chatting, video calling, etc. traditional communication way always plays a key role in success a relationship.

Thus, you should arrange the time to make an appointment to the YouTube influencer to know more about him or her in the real world. Also, he or she enables to have a clear mind about your brands.

#8 – Offer some coupon codes for the targeted audiences

To encourage more audiences to follow your brand through some videos of YouTube influencer, you can offer some coupon codes. However, be sure to give this secret information to targeted audiences only.

You should make a clear plan with some terms of use firstly. Then, you need to explain these terms through the video in the YouTuber channel. Finally, you should announce some winners give coupon codes, and you will send these codes to their private address. This idea is suitable for hosting an online event.


Selecting the YouTube influencer for your promoting a product or a service is a long run with lots of tasks to undertake and solve. In each of your stage of development, you ought to find one or more influencers for your marketing campaign. Before hiring them, you should add our above ideas to build a great partnership with influencers.