How to prepare for your marketing project in 5 steps

Description: Look out for how to start your digital marketing project? The answer is here.

Whether you are new in this field or were brought to create a new content marketing project, it’s essential to know where to start and how it fit the big picture.

What is the first thing to do? What you need to prepare and how should the project look like? You are excited and nervous at the same time with all the question passing through your mind. Especially for those who just start the project, who also need to meet the expectations, you need a lot to prove. The company may expect your performance to bring dollars in return.

If you worry about how to prepare for a digital marketing project, 5 steps below will give you a glimpse of what to do.

Step 1: Understanding the big picture

You can’t start without even knowing the brand, your audience, and position in the market. So first important task - set up a whole-service branding project to know where you are standing. Even if this is not a branding project, any agency would be interested in building a brand you’ve established.

Not many companies come up with the idea of having their identified brand’s guidelines. So if your company belong to the rare list, take the chance. If not, creating brand consistency in the online platform is vital.

Step 2: Utilize different sources of data

A successful marketer knows he or she needs to utilize different sources of data. Without a strategically analytical mind, you will miss a whole lot of useful information which could be useful for your marketing project. A great marketer craves for data on which he or she bases his or her decisions backed up with personal experience and intuition.

Sources of data in any company are plentiful and almost always ready for you to analyze. Instead of starting from starch, you can connect to the available sources in your company. Analyze and research all you can. You can also ask the management team for help and learn how to collect data, track information, and use tools.

Once you have everything in your hands, it’s easier to build up a big picture. The sale reports, web analytics, and customer profiles are essential but not enough to shape your idea about the project. So try to collect as much information as possible since it will be helpful for your direction of the marketing project.

Step 3: Understand your products and their specialty  

The next step is to get to know what you are trying to sell and how they are unique. Why do customers choose this specific product over the other of the competition? How do they benefit from the product or service? First, ask yourself the questions then try to find the answers from different people inside or out the company. You can sit with each department, learn from the team members you talk with, get their ideas of the products.

The easiest way is to start with the sales team. Their knowledge and approaches selling the products will be helpful. By looking at different viewpoints, you will understand the products in term of their strength and weakness and later outline the ground for your marketing project. 

Step 4: Identify expectations from your team and set your goals

Expectations for your team can be a guideline to know which directions you should go. Your boss might want you to expand the target audience and get more views for the website. But what actually lies behind is to increase leads and sales through the site. How to know your boss’s intention? Ask a lot of questions! Make sure you have the ultimate expectations from your team before setting any goals.

After identifying all the expectations, it’s time for you to establish and work toward a clear and specific goal.

Step 5: Set up your project and budget.

Launching the marketing project seems to be challenging, however, deciding what to do and how to do it are not easy either. Don’t underestimate your project plan and budget. Be specific and determined to your project plan. Any negligence is intolerant. The more detail-oriented and informative the plan is the clearer the picture you have in mind.

Investing your time and effort in the plan will pay off later when the project launches. How the project works out with your overall picture and aim will ultimately allow you to maximize your strength and efforts. Therefore, it’s essential to have a clear marketing plan and budget.