How to self-study Digital Marketing for students and employees

There are some things you need to know before you get started - Reference Articles - There is no evidence.

1. Do you like Digital Marketing?

In the process of working, teaching and instructing newcomers to Digital Marketing, we see that you have one thing in common. You are not sure whether you like it or not. Someone who already likes it does not know where to start (and most of you do not know what you like). This is a really big problem because it will waste your time & money.

But here is the problem Chicken & Eggs: If not try, you cannot know that you like it or no. For this reason, I would also like to welcome all of you who want to try in Digital marketing field to contact me via Linkedin and Facebook.

So how to try? How to do it the fastest? How long do you know you are fit? In this article, I will share the necessary information to help you (especially, the ones having no orientation - if you have a guide, follow him) answer the questions "How to try? How to do it the fastest? How long? Let’s check out the video below:

2. What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the synthesis of methods to reach target customers, convey the target message using the Web (social, SEO, SEM ...), mobile (SMS, app ...), email ... See also: Digital Marketing Concept.

In essence, Digital Marketing is still marketing, just different with Traditional marketing in the use of a wide range of tools as well as various forms of promotion to achieve the purpose of conveying the message. Therefore, you must always focus on the development of the skills belonged to the nature of marketing such as logic types of market research, planning, message transmission ... If you want to go as far as possible in Digital Marketing, please do not leave the root.

3. Why choose Digital Marketing?

This is a job that rarely requires to move (not compare with an Accountant) and has to contact with computers a lot. Most Digital Marketers work in a comfortable environment (pleasant working time, acceptable salary, feel free to generate new ideas ...). Then, you can work almost anytime, anywhere .... just like a freelance does.

You can be yourself, you can talk to your boss the way you talk to your colleagues or friends. As Digital Marketing is so new, you will work with young and dynamic people most of time.
Dress well, you can wear all kinds of clothing to cover the body (unless you are the sale or account), including sports shoes.

Listening to music with headphones during business hours is also fun if this activity does not distract you from work. Just make sure to submit your report on time.

Try to search Digital Marketing on Google Trends, you will find that the general demand for it is increasing strongly in the past.

4. Are you a fresh graduate?

The first problem you usually encountered was "what will you do after leaving the school?". This is a question that some new graduates ask themselves (I also did the same thing after completing my bachelor degree). Why do you ask this question when you sat for 3-5 years in school to study the subject you had registered? Because most of you do not know what you are going to do. After learning, you realized that you do not fit into that field. The reason may be the industry you studied is hard to find a job, your chose field does not set out a clear skill...

If you do not know what you like to do, it is imperative to try all the things you can try. With Digital Marketing, it will not be difficult to get some experience, which may not be right for you but will be useful in the future.

5. Are you doing traditional marketing?

What signs should you prepare for learning Digital Marketing? The most obvious sign is that your company has, or is about to have a website or customer related digital data (such as email, phone numbers, etc.). To step into Digital Marketing as Strong financial resources, have a broad relationship, be trusted to assign work (or self).

You should know that also in the same starting point but the students do not have the financial, material facilities, tools/financial to try what you do like you so you will be better fast a lot of.

6. Experience, Opportunity, Challenges

The nature of the experience is that you have the ability to handle past situations (so you can handle future situations. It is the reason why you will have more chances to find a job/expand your knowledge wider when you choose Digital Marketing.

Why will you have more employment opportunities when doing Digital Marketing? Because Digital Marketing is so computer-intensive, it's almost as if you're just about to experience what you love.
But you also note that due to the ability to experience so easily, there will be too many different experiences, different ways of starting and this can lead you to rampant purpose. To avoid this circumstance, you should be more exposed to people in the industry (seminars, events, going out ...).

How to learn Digital Marketing?

There are two basic methods: self-learning and learning in the center. Below you will analyze in more detail so that you should choose which method. At first, let's go through all the tools of Digital Marketing.

1. Common tools used in Digital Marketing

  • Website / landing page / blog ...
  • Content - may not be counted as a tool but the most commonly used item.
  • SEO (search engine optimization).
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing - search engine marketing, such as Google Adwords).
  • Email Marketing.
  • Online PR (Public relations on the internet).
  • Banner Advertising Online.
  • Social Media Marketing (Marketing and interacting with online users through social networks).
  • Mobile Marketing (SMS, Location Based ...).
  • Web analytics (or Google Analytics).

2. Study at the Digital Marketing teaching center

If you have USD 100-200 and you do not have a lot of time to self-study, then learning in the center is a pretty quick way for you to approach and understand how Digital Marketing or a Digital Marketing tool works. You should note that going to school only gives you the most basic things - do not expect what in the classroom will help you confidently do. If you want to perform the tasks smoothly, it is mandatory that you have to learn or read more because the teacher teaches only the key points in class.

  • You can buy the course but not the knowledge - do not spend money to learn from one course to another. Learn about two courses and you can realize whether it fits you or not.
  • Your school attendance means that you paid to ask. Then, ask a lot provided that you have to pay much if requesting for the advice from those teachers.
  • You should study specific courses for a Digital Marketing tool. Do not take part in the full course of Digital Marketing because too much learning may not guarantee that you can know everything at the end.
  • Always do homework very seriously, tinkering at home and then go to class to ask the teacher more.
Even if you go out for learning, you also have to self-study more. You will often be shared some tips that will be useful for you later when going to a center.

3. Self-study Digital Marketing

Self-learning is not easy. I used to be like that and it took me five years to get some experience and knowledge. But if you have passion then self-learning is a great way for you to explore the interesting things about Digital Marketing slowly. That feeling can only be given by self-studying.

Steve Job's spoke at the graduation ceremony of Stanford University, which inspired me a lot, and I believe you should find a job that you love to get started heading or navigation.

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle.”

4. How to self-study, where to start?

Everyone I know has a different approach and learning; I recommend you choose a tool of Digital marketing that you like to pursue.

If you still do not know what you like in Digital Marketing - Start by making your own website with open source. After doing (understand) the way the website (operation), you are considered enough passion and capital to go forward. However, if you do not have a website, then learn other things slowly, knowing that you have children on your own.

Now (usually about 1-6 months from the time you learn about the website) it's time to choose one of Digital Marketing's tools to get started, choose a tool that gives you the ability to practice (as practiced) as much as possible.

5. The difficulty level of Digital tools

(Personal feel, please do not ask for proof, this is a measure of the difficulty of a tool and not a measure of the intelligence of the person doing the tools):
  • Website (3) (10) - easy to make an open source website and understand how to operate, difficult to do special features.
  • Content (6.5) - Want to learn content yourself, not difficult to write but you need a little talent.
  • SEO (8.5) - It is difficult but you will learn all the tools are easy (except content) because of your ability to search information is also super good after the good SEO. In addition, SEO is also the subject of many chasing.
  • SEM (5) - It's hard to get started, but passing on some keyword research will be easy to learn.
  • Email Marketing (5) (8) - Quite simple to start (5) but want to be good (8) is very difficult and requires understanding many things involved.
  • Online PR (7): Like content, but must know how to expand relations, exchanges.
  • Banner Advertising (3) (8): Very easy if you want to buy, run, understand it, it is very difficult if you want to optimize it.
  • Social Media Marketing (4) (8): It's easy to reach (4) but it's hard to succeed if you do not have a bit of communication skills.
  • Mobile Marketing (7): You need to understand a lot about user behavior with mobile and things related to copy, user experience ... stressful :).
  • Web Analytics (9): It is very difficult if you do not understand other tools at this time will not know what statistics, what report, what is good, how bad ... very few documents in Vietnamese, many times when looking at the code but discouraged but this is very interesting.
You should choose if:
  • You like (or would love to try).
  • The ability you practice is very high and very much.
  • Match your existing financial resources

Get started with some of Digital's tools

Theory of Digital There are many online, but the important point is to practice a lot, so in the process do not be afraid to do free for someone, do not think you are exploited ... try to plow.

1. How to make a website using open source

Many of our friends and team members who have been successful in the field of Digital have their own approach but they know how to make a website using open source or some other type of website.

Knowing your website does not mean you have to know programming or design, you can start by making a blog (preferably WordPress blog) then slowly learn how your website/blog operates, code and muscle relationships, database, interface ... and slowly you will make a website for yourself with open source (WordPress is ideal, Joomla is easy to learn).

Do not light your website because almost all Digital Marketing activities are running around the web so if you do not know how to make your website open source you should understand how a website operates and what its components are. So you can succeed in Digital marketing.

Be aware of how the website operates, the relationship between the code, the database, the interface, the hosting, and the parts involved in how to program it aside.

This is how I went and passed: when I was in school, I did not have to go to the fifth floor of the school with the Wi-Fi waves of the adjacent houses, no documents in Vietnamese, nor know that I have You do not need to know how to program your website, nor do you know what the website will do for your life. That's the way you are than you, so why cannot you do it?

If you cannot pass the steps to this website, do not be discouraged simply because you are different and many other people, please read below you may find your own way.

You will not be a programmer or the whole site when you do Digital Marketing but you need and always work with programmers, designers, and other web-related departments to describe them to your goals. of marketing. The basic knowledge of how the website operates, the limitations of HTML, CSS or a programming language will help you describe and "get" more effectively.

2. Start with SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

After I finished a website for him he found on Google without seeing his website, from which I began to learn about SEO.

I initially searched around why the website displayed when I search something on Google and why a website does not appear when users search, way to tell a website exists on the internet, And then we know how much of the SEO, in large part of which there are small parts, how these parts interact with each other, how to optimize these parts for SEO.

In the process of making myself willing to try anything I read is not afraid to be right or wrong, then read more to slowly understand that is true or false. At that time, everything I do and optimize using the Joomla open source website and its plugins.

Start learning SEO by learning how to make a website using Wordpress (without difficulty), then read this book: SEO Starter by Google, and you can find SEOBOOK to read or a book that suits you, read the book with SEO. It is quite important because SEO has a lot of details so you need to synthesize and learn in a clear orientation.

Some of my keywords or search in this period:
  • Website is not showing up on Google search 
  • How to let Google know my website
  • What is Google
  • How Google works
  • What's title, description, keywords
  • How to submit website to Google
  • How to choose the right keywords 
  • Information sources:
  • SEO Book (ebook)
  • Art of SEO - Do not read this book (not suitable for beginners)

3. Get started with SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

I define SEM here simply advertise on Google (later good and then learn more to understand more).
At the beginning of SEM I was fortunate to get training from a company, which helped me understand the basics and how to operate, in addition to now I have been doing SEO for quite a long time so the study of keywords as well as writing Advertising is not difficult anymore, only vague about how to optimize the ads and what to improve the learning, but also have difficulty not having much money to run when started. learn.

In essence, SEM, by its simple definition, is just an advertising management software made by Google, and the software always has its usage guidelines, usage guidelines, terms of use. Write in full detail with an official video tutorial from Google, so if you have money to run SEM then:

Learn how to choose keywords that match your advertising goals.

Learn about the Google AdWords targeting limits.

Learn the quality score and define click, impression

Run as many Campaigns as you can (at your own expense or at others).

Let's start by reading this: Google Adwords Help then tries to manipulate the relationship and offer to run the SEM test for someone with a small amount (low bid) to better understand the theory ... after Running ads one time you should take this: Google Adwords Cetificate exam is free but if you pass all 3 exams of Google then you will no longer worry about eating, clothes, work ... again (at this time).

The most important part of this SEM is that you run many campaigns and run a lot of money, which will draw a lot of experience.

The keywords I searched at start:
  • Google adwords account structure
  • Google adwords targeting option
  • Google adwords ads format
  • Google adwords limitation
  • Google adwords quality score
  • Google adwords best practice/ tips & tricks
Reference sources, ask:
  • Google adwords help
  • Google Adwords community (quick reply)
  • Youtube

4. Start with Social Media Marketing

You should first learn about how to perform on social media channels by using these channels daily to understand its features and limitations.

Once you understand how Social Media channels work, try to make people pay more attention to you, entice them to interact more with you, which is also the goal of Social Media Marketing: Interaction with people. use more.

Try to make a fanpage (or make someone else) about your favorite area and find ways to increase the likelihood and interactivity for that fanpage, you will learn a lot and do not be afraid to talk about success/failure to do this fanpage (including the "black-hat" method). Note that in Vietnam few businesses use Twitter.

5. Start Learning Email Marketing

Since there is a time to do a project on accounts and users in Project Lana, in this project we have to deal with all the problems encountered by users when signing up, logging in, activating ... so they have to deal with problems. How to send mail, how the mail system operates, how the spam filter works, the mechanism of blocking mail, the frequency of sending and the information returned after sending mail mean.

Also when working in VietnamWorks I also take care of all of the Email system here so apart from the system about yourself began to dig deeper personalization, the system (tool) send mail, the note when converting the mail system.

When you do email, you should learn more about the psychology of users to "lure" users to give their email to you, when understanding the psychology of users then you should know a bit about the web and limits to work. Getting email is easier.

  • Do not buy floating email data
  • Email marketing is not just about sending mail but also includes partnerships.
  • Implementation of email marketing requires the understanding of how the website operates, how the internet operates
  • Tools to send mail does not matter by sending
  • Some keywords to get started:
  • Email marketing audit
  • Personalize email marketing
  • How email provider filter email
  • How ISP filter email
  • How to increase email sign-up
Some sources:
  • Mailchimp blog

6. Get Started With Web Analytics

Web Analytics in Vietnamese enterprises now has a rather faint role, but in the next few years will be a lot of people are focused on development.

I started with web analytics in 2009 to see SEO metrics, gradually learning more with Web Analytics to mark the links in an ad campaign to measure the effectiveness of that campaign more accurately. It takes about a year to understand this tagging, and then work more with SEO, which also leads to more work with Analytics and gradually better understanding of its enhancements.

Then there was a time when the Web product at Project Lana asked me to learn more about the behavior of users, now I'm starting to learn more about real-time analytics tools and how to use them. event tracking, custom dimensions ...

Web Analytics will come to you as you explore other Digital Marketing tools.


Web Analytics in Vietnam mainly uses Google Analytics, and you should only learn when you need to know the effectiveness of another tool in Marketing.

For those of you who are on the go, check out the definitions for Sessions, users, bounce rates, page views, and more.

Some references:
  • Cutroni blog (One of the super startups on Analytics working for Google)
  • (This superhero also works for Google)

7. Content

Marketing experts say "Content is the King", but for me "Content is the Queen" is a picture enough for the "newbie" to imagine it. Because content in any respect is like a "queen":

The words need to be polished, corrected, accurate, but really close to enter the heart of people with all classes "subjects" (readers)

Content must be strong enough to "power" but soft as a new queen act on the brain of the listener / reader.

A queen is always beautiful. Your content should also be beautiful. Beautiful and practical.

For beginners to do content marketing, the first thing is to carefully study the insight of the reader, the customer. Know what they want to hear, read, and like at the moment you do content so that you can determine what your message should convey in a way. Content is the job of conveying the message. Just simple as that. If you just made the content just as creative, congratulations, you will surely keep the hearts of customers. Marketing 3.0 is the heart of the customer and the only person who can win the hearts of the most iron is "queen content".

In a little more reality, write up and convey the following message to your three best friends: I want to be a copywriter.

How do you make all your friends want to be a copywriter like you?

Want to start working on Digital Marketing today?