Influencer Marketing and 3 keys to creating amazing value

Influencer marketing has gone mainstream and is delivering more incredible value to brands. Why does it have that ability? Read up on to know more.

Influencer marketing now is a valid, long-term and successful marketing strategy used worldwide. Many brands are adding this important online marketing channel to their marketing campaigns to help sell their products and services to engaged audiences.

At the time, many influencer marketing campaigns with extraordinary performances are also producing much more incredible value for businesses and brands.

One curious question has been raised here is: Why does influencer marketing have that strong power?

Some people say that it's thanks to leveraging the large following of an influencer. IN reality, there are more reasons to this.

This article will show you three key reasons why the influencer marketing has the capability of bringing more incredible value to brands that leverage it in right ways.

Influencer Marketing may yield unmatched Return On Investment (ROI) 

Firstly, the good ROI that influencer marketing can deliver is supposed to be one of its most attractive and considering advantages.

According to a study currently conducted by the marketing pros at Tomoson, on average, influencer marketing campaigns generate a return of $6.50 for every $1.00 invested.
Higher ROI from Influencer Marketing
Moreover, at least 70% of surveyed companies using influence marketing earn $2 or more per $1 spent. Of course, there are still those who are breaking even or failing to generate a positive return.
Anyway, that situation can be avoided with the right planning and execution of an influencer campaign. After all, this strategy is working.

Businesses are effectively leveraging the right-fit influencers to promote sales as well as the brand awareness.

Both immediate value and long-term value can be gained through this strategy, depending on how the campaign is structured. Right products or services aligned well with an influencer’s audience can deliver an unmatched ROI, when compared to other marketing channels.

Influencer Marketing authentically gets brand's messages across 

Secondly, influencers don't need to force themselves upon their audience -- hundreds of thousands of their followers may be already interested in what they share on social media or blogs.

In addition, the success of influencer marketing also comes from the ability to harness the voices of trusted opinion leaders to deliver a brand's message to the intended audience in the most authentic and natural ways.

Therefore, if the brands try to dictate how the influencer promotes their products or services, everything may come off unnatural. As a result, the response will be ineffective.

In other words, brands had better give influencers creative freedom. This allows influencers to retain their creativity and personal style to naturally introduce brands to the audience, leading to a much more successful outcome.

For example, Jack Douglass of Jacksfilms, a popular entertainment YouTuber, is famous for his YIAY series of videos, where he asks his viewers questions and then compiles their answers for the following day’s videos.

To promote Dollar Shave Club, he asked viewers to use four words to describe their mornings. Then he made a video with their answers.

At the end of the video, he describes his mornings and leads to the topic of shaving, then talks about products of Dollar Shave Club. He also invites everybody to try the service by providing a link to purchase those items.

Although it’s a sponsored video, Jack communicates the message in his own entertaining and interesting way.

Almost users' views of a brand tend to be positive

Finally, the ultimate aim of brands is making value connection with the intended audience through an effective and positive image.

And influencer marketing is rated to be a more powerful way to improve a brand's image rather than other methods, which is the reason why more and more large brands are investing an incredible amount of money in having their image shared in this innovative way.

An example number for that status is: 51% of marketers believe they acquire better customers through influencer marketing. It would make sense that higher quality customers would be preferred and they’re more likely to stay with your brand and become a repeat customer.
The average quality of customers acquired through the channel
To gain the best results, you should partner with influencers who are a contextual fit and truly believe in your products or services.

Being a contextual fit is the most important characteristic of the right influencers for your brand. For instance, Justin Bieber is known as an “influencer” on social media. However, would his tweet about your software be effective? Probably not, because teen girls may not be interested in the software.
With high belief and genuine love to your brand, influencers will portray you within their content in the most enthusiastic and effective ways. As a result, the audience may sense the authentic love for your brand and learn to love your products and services.


Those are three core reasons why influencer marketing has the power to deliver incredible value to brands that leverage it in right ways. Hopefully, this article will give you more information about this strategy and help you make use of it helpfully and effectively for your brands.