Why should you focus on Quality in Content Marketing?

Is quality in content marketing important? Let’s take a look at some reasons why you pay more attention to it below.

In the age of transparency, consumers look for product and service providers who ensure the authenticity and trustworthy. To tap into potential consumers’ demand using digital content marketing, the quality should also be the first priority.

It is also vitally important to be in the customers’ shoes. Within a day, with a long list of urgent tasks to be complete and the need to balance social and working life, how many ads or digital contents actually attract you and your customers?

Several studies have been conducted on this matter. Recent research shows that we will see as many as 5,000 digital contents daily. How many of those 5,000 digital contents that engage consumers? Only 12. So if you want your marketing content campaign succeeds and belongs to the very lucky 12, you need to emphasize the quality, not quantity.

Below are tips to help you mount your digital content marketing campaign that connects with customers.

Your target audience

Your target audiences are also your prospective customers, therefore you should be well prepared for the content you want to show them. Especially quality engagement should be on top of the list. How a blog post or a video should look like? Remember these 2 keywords: relevancy,  and specificity.

The first step is to address the existing audience and prospective customers and the reason why they reach out to you. Getting to know the readers and customers and building up a relationship with them are vital ways to keep them engaged. Once you know who you are dealing with, it’d be easier to draft your contents.

Stop Content Bombing

If you think the audience will love the quantity of content you are creating, you might be wrong. Don’t overwhelm your customers with overloading content. The result could be devastating if your site looks like it’s screaming for attention. The audience can simply find the x button to close out the site and stop going back to check for news and updates. Rather than bombing your customers with words, you should create an equal conversation.

Moreover, the content should be informative and straight to the point. If your articles, blog posts or other visual contents are interesting enough, you can just sit and watch the audience comes.

Content Calendar 

Consistency is another key to maintain your trust relationship with your prospective customers. Don’t risk losing this relationship with too much random stuff. Those who win are those who have a defined content marketing approach. Therefore, it’s essential to keep track with your marketing plan by creating a content calendar.

A content calendar is a useful tool in which the outlines which and when content gets posted. The calendar also allows you to draft and plan ahead creative sources with specific strategies. This will help you to record the engagement levels and make sure you won’t miss any messages from engaged customers.

Streamline access to the content calendar so various departments see it and can better engage consumers on their end. Get everyone on the same page.

User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) could be helpful

Don’t underestimate UX and UI since they are vital to any content marketing campaign. UX refers to User experience, which focuses on technical functions of your site or app such as prototyping or customer interactions. UI, on the other hand, pays attention to the layout and content and determines user engagement. Using UX and UI ensures the good experience of appearance and function of prospective customers while on your site.

How do UX and UI benefit your digital content marketing? These two designs help to get to know how consumers perceive and interact with the site, which can be beneficial in long run. When you understand the importance of UX and UI, you can manage the engagement levels with customers. For example, if you notice customers ignore a specific page continuously, you will know that there is something wrong with the content. An update in the tone and approach is required.

It generally takes more time to create qualified content, however, it pays off with steady engagement levels and loyal audience and customers. Quality of content is a solution to attract customers’ attention in a time when there are many rivals from competing brands. Instead of focusing on the competition with your rivals, it is wise to invest time and energy to create authentic and transparent content.