7 Ways to Increase Facebook Fanpage Interaction

Are you looking for great ways to increase fan page engagement?
Are you wondering how to increase share, like, or comment?
In this article, I will show you seven easy ways to solve all of the above problems.

# 1: Solve problems with pictures

Share simple images and short content such as pointing out to fans how to solve a problem or can create interaction between the target community together.

Whole Foods uses this strategy to encourage fans to come up with solutions to their problems for brands or products.
Whole attracts interaction by sharing everyday life

Tips to post photos on Facebook:
  • Larger images tend to be more interactive. Use the function to post photos and videos to share your photos directly on the post without a link.
  • Your image size should be unified as 403 x 403 pixels to display on the timeline. Big pictures can help people see more of the details, but fans will have to click on the photo to see the whole, and this really challenges the patience.

# 2: Give fans the pleasure

Everyone loves their content or images shared on the fanpage.

Using the content of the fans instead of the content of the brand not only creates interaction with the specific target audience but also creates an innovation for the content of the fanpage.

Starbucks pointed out that users tend to share pictures and call for their friends' participation if they see the above post on the fanpage of the brand.

Starbucks uses customer drawings as cover images
Every few weeks, Walmart creates a cover image, which is the appearance of the target audience.

# 3: Call for Targeted Public Involvement with Questions

Every customer wants to be heard and wants to share their own opinion with the fanpage.

You can ask the fans the question about products, brands such as: How do you feel when using Abcxyz? If Abcxyz launches a new product, what would you like to have?

When Skittles wanted the fans to share the feeling of opening up the Skittles, this attracted quite a bit of interaction.

Real or fake?

The secrets to ask questions to fans:
  • The question is as easy as possible
  • The question must relate to the target public, as to where they use the product and how.
  • Manage feedback from fans in posts and comments.

# 4: Use the "Fill in the blank" post

Use a short sentence but leave the call and call for the creativity of the fans. This really helps you achieve greater engagement with your users. Of course, let's create the post about this content that will surely get the funny answers from the fans.

The secrets:
  • Use the strategy with the slogan "A goal to hit the target": just interact with the user, to learn how to fanpage or brand will be better for the future target audience.
  • Use Reward Strategy. Of course, everyone wants to receive gifts, even if the value is not big.
  • Set up humorous situations to interact more with the user.

# 5: Help to name pictures

Image postings help to boost the brand loyalty and interest from users.

Choose the image that can first attract yourself! Because when you manage the fanpage, you are also a loyal fan. There, you have to put yourself in the context of the user. If I met this image, would I be interested? Answer this question, then take the picture and include a short description that invites the fans to interact.

The secrets:
  • Inspiration, provocation or humor for the description.
  • Search for images on Reddit's Pics, Flickr Creative Commons, Shutterstock, and iStockphoto (reminding people to copy the source if they intend to share it).
  • It is possible to use this form as a contest and participants will have the opportunity to receive gifts.

# 6: Use recollections as "weapons"

Using images of memories of childhood is a real "weapon of choice" in increasing interaction with the user. Just evoke the true feelings of the target audience, not difficult to attract their interaction.

Disney uses familiar images with the user's childhood to "hit" on each other's emotions. And this has created an unbelievable interaction for the fanpage.

In addition, using text as fun caption on the lovely photos also create a positive effect.

The secrets:
  • Include this as part of the content plan for your fanpage
  • Use fun and lovely images - you can refer to the image on Quickmeme, Imgflip and Memecrunch.
  • Use hashtag

# 7: Use Like, Share like a way of voting

Make choices for fans like "If you like A, if you want to follow A then share". Of course, content and images should be fun to encourage fans to act.

Walmart is also often used to create stronger interaction with fans.

The secrets:
  • Use a choice that can be controversial (Like if you like it at home, Share if you like it in the city)
  • Integrate your product with the post at the fanpage.
  • Use image editing applications like Photoshop, Photofiltre or Paint.netto to create beautiful and attractive images.
Have you tried these or have new ways to create fanpage interactions? Please share in the comment box below!