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How to Recognize Content Marketing Challenges and Solutions

Content marketing is an important ingredient in your promoting campaigns. It could be a joke when you do not invest in this part seriously!

Imagine that you want to enjoy the pasta in a restaurant or a food court only. You want to remember the taste of that dish, so you take it to relish instantly. Oh boy, the dish is not good then you may think. It lacks some ingredients to make the true pasta. At that time, the guilty time is coming to your mind.

Protect Your Content – A Challenge Path to Overcome!

Creating your content is hard, and it is more difficult to protect your online content in a large pool these days! How to do it?

You have amazing content marketing, and you publish to your blog or your website. One sunshine day, you find out your online content also appeared on another website. Even if the content has passed the Google bots, you can recognize the content is yours.

Content Marketing In 2018: Trends For Success

“Content marketing is there to stay in 2018. Update the latest trends to follow this year to keep up with the race”

Content is a strategic asset that has survived the test of time and will thrive in a foreseeable future.  As technology changes, the trends that that boost content marketing to its current position are evolving and renewing themselves and unless brands adapt and stay on top of the newest, their effort to keep digital engagement will fall flat. Here we will give you quick up-to-date trends so that you can come up with the shiniest strategies for your brands:

Videos will take content marketing by storm

In terms of potential reach, videos are beyond compare. Videos were expected to be huge in 2017 and this trend will be dominant in 2018 to come. The two star players now are YouTube and Facebook. HubSpot did an extensive research last year to point out the vital role that videos play in content marketing, some of the takeaways are: 48% of marketers have already planned to go for videos in the following year, which means 2018, and 46% will launch their videos on Facebook (They are doing it right now as we speak).  Axonn even claims that 7 out of 10 people have a positive feeling towards brands after watching videos from them.

Try these excellent ways and see the impact on your content marketing team

In this article, we will explain the reason you need to engage with experts specialized in subject matters outside the typical sphere. Frankly, it is the best way for you to keep the marketing authentic and generate many fresh ideas.

You may agree that brand publishing operates in the same way. Let's see when marketers are focused much on ROI and you may over-rely on the performance data which can be flawed.

Three Popular Types Of Content Marketing

What do you know about content marketing? How to have a good content marketing? Keep reading my today article.


Content marketing has become a helpful source in our modern technology in recent years. However, not many people know how to conduct this field successfully. At present, there are 3 main sources of content making: Youtube, Google, and Pinterest. My today article will help you insight into this aspect.

3 Most Popular Content Marketing

Though lots of users are still bewildered about content marketing and what it is really and most people cannot recognize they are using it on a daily basis. Please notice that some social media structures allow you to add these effects like cartoon characters or camera filters to your content on various channels.

When we have a conversation about look motor optimization, most individuals think of Google. Be that as it may, when we think of it from a substance promoting a point of view, there are three look motors. Substance comes in numerous shapes - composed, sound, picture, and video - and because of this, we got to think approximately and optimize for numerous look engines. What are the three look motors for substance marketers? Google, YouTube, and Pinterest.

1. Google

We all know Google is crucial to SEO and substance showcasing. Each blog post or site page that’s made ought to be completely optimized so that it’s less demanding for it to be slithered, recorded and positioned. The simpler we make it for Google, the more activity we ideally get to the content. Google’s look motor has different parts.

Content marketing in the important relationship with the writing style

When it is about content marketing, writing style matters a lot. Why is that so and how to make your marketing writing better? Read up on to know more.


When it comes to the proper promotion of any website, content is the primary requisite. Anyway, is any uploaded content acceptable to the search engines?

The answer is no. Moreover, in regards to content marketing, the writing style affects a lot, which many marketers seem to overlook.

Hence, this article will deeply discuss some aspects to answer some curious questions raised about this problem.

What is “style” here like?

When you first hear the word “style” out of this context, you might think of something related to “fashion.” Its most common definition is “a way of communicating.”

How Can I Protect My Content Marketing From Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is a common fact of everyone’s life in this age. So how can I protect my content marketing from it? There are still some good solutions to fix it.

In the world of content marketing, a lot of things are more important than credibility. That happens when some brand publishers have to fight hard to gain back the trust of their readers.

Take blogging for an example - it’s hard without worrying about the plagiarism! It’s because people make it a habit to take other creators’ contents without permission. Don’t worry since there are still certain ways for you to prevent them from harming you.

What does plagiarism mean for most brands?

The lesson that a brand should learn here is that you need to take the risk of plagiarism pretty serious. According to the New York Times, it owns a great number of checkers who work hard to protect the publications from such problems, but it still happened.

3 Questions to Ask When Deciding Between Content Marketing and Native Advertising

Whenever you are confused about choosing between Native Advertising and Content Marketing, you should remind of 3 below questions. They indeed help you much in solving this complicated issue.

Magic versus Bird; Brady versus Manning; or Coke versus Pepsi. Each of them can be well known as a decisive and divisive battle. If you are a fan of one side, you will be surely set with your arguments. Therefore, you should be ready and prepared to defend your team' positions, regardless of their opposition took.

An impassioned, similar fight is indeed brewing much in the marketing world marketing, provided that native advertising and content marketing are set well to reach the budget funds. In fact, companies who want to achieve their best results still running mean and lean while the industry usually awaits to assess if a strategy may be delivered successfully.

What Should You Watch About Marketing Trends in 2018?

Marketing trend is not a new definition, but it is extremely important to influence your business in a new year. What are you going to do in 2018?


2018 is coming very close. We know that all business owners have to make a plan and promote a campaign for Christmas Eve – one of the biggest holidays in a year. However, they should not miss out the marketing trends in the next year. In general, these trends will be changed year by year.

As a wise business owner, you also need to identify some upcoming trends to undertake many wise strategies and get the right investments as well. Here are a few trends that we probably forecast for a new year.

Marketing content is still a king

The good news is you can use marketing content to introduce new product or service when launching new things.

How to Take the Mobile Marketing in Your Plan Effectively

No matter how small or big a company is, marketers always need to add mobile marketing to their plans to help the business always expand.


There are many online shoppers use mobiles to get their interests and tasks. They also use computers and laptops, but they still prefer taking mobiles to go shopping. Therefore, mobile marketing is no longer just an alternation choice like it was in the last few months ago.

Marketers often need to build a solid relationship with targeted customers and prospects in the digital world. They have to add mobile marketing to their plans. But, is it easy to apply mobile marketing to each advertising campaign? Chances are if you are continuing read this article; you will know how to do that effectively.

#1 –Always pay attention to your website 

We have already observed many companies and enterprises from countries to the world; they all have a similar point – their websites! The website probably is the first place prospects access to discover a brand. This is the place where loyal customers find out more about a company or an enterprise in the digital age.

Content Marketing In 2018: How Write Professionally and Fllow the Trends Successfully

Content marketing is interesting but it requires the writers a lot of things. Will you be good at it? Let’s follow our article!

Content marketing is an intersting field
Content creation is an art - the art of creating content, processing words, images, and motion to convey the message values of a product, of an individual or business.

How to Use Native Ads to Boost The Revenue of the E-Commerce?

In this article, you will know how to use Native Ads to boost the revenue of the E-commerce from a sharing of Mr. KHANH – a CEO of FBZA. You will know the reason why many clients are willing to pay much money on your website. On the one hand, you will recognize the importance of Native Ads is the strongest marketing tool if you have the right strategy to let it run.

What is Native Ad?

Native Ad is a platform of paid media which allows the content marketing and the ad experience of the users to make it naturally. Therefore, when users see this form, they think that they are watching a normal content yet an adverting content.
When Native Ads become hugely popular with several audiences, it is the time enterprises are willing to attend this playground. There are various platforms of this form such as images, press releases, video promotions, social media, music, etc.

Does FB Marketing Still Work In 2017 And Later?

Facebook is one of the most popular media funnels for most of the marketers, especially in the digital marketing industry. As FB has a huge number of user around the world to appeal more enterprises and organizers to decide to choose FB is an online marketing tool in many years. FB ads have several features which marketers could reach the potential audiences through selecting your targets in the posts.
Today, FB has reached a brand awareness; technology capability as well as user faithfulness like Google or Apple. To keep the position in the golden top about the technology industry, FB needs to innovate and upgrade their streams regularly. The question is “will FB marketing still work in the upcoming time?”

Be a searching tool

FB has already launched a new feature which competes Google and Bing in the searching filed. With the Instant Articles, you can publish their articles in FB directly instead of transferring their outside websites. Furthermore, FB also has discharged another app which supports the users to write their status and finding an exact link in the status.

10 hidden features on FB that can help your FB page get more views and followers

Introduction: Every week or every month of the year, any social network has updated their new features to keep current audiences and invite new fans. We can see that Facebook is one the most active social networks that have always updated new features and renew its operating structures. The Facebook staff also publishes a lot of new functions that help you build and maintain your business fan page, as well as serve all of your marketing purposes.

However, one thing you and I must have known clearly that these features are not publicly open to us. They are the hidden features, and as a result, the deepest secrets are the secrets which wake our sense of curiousness up. For the social media managers and marketers, these features help them a lot in promoting their products as well as appealing customers.

That’s the reason why it is significant for us to share all of these useful Facebook marketing managements and hacks. They are fun and exciting so that you can try them today for the new experiences!

Save posts for later

How to save posts for further reading
This is a handy tool for the Facebook users. When you come across an interesting article, but you have no time to read it, you can save the post for later watching. You can apply this feature to links, videos, events or the posts published by friends, pages, and photos. Especially, as you see an advertisement of your favorite product and want to keep them to introduce to other people, this saving feature helps a lot.

If there is anything you want to save for later watching, click the tiny arrow on the right of the post, click “save post/video.” Your saved posts will be listed in the left list with the red icon called “Saved.” Whenever you want to open and watch them, click the red icon and you’ll see everything you have saved.

Page Insights

Page Insights let you know everything essential
Why do you need to use Page Insights?

That’s because you can make use of this feature to understand thoroughly about the interactive level between your audiences and page. With Page Insight, you can:

  - See all the information about page’s activities
  - Know which post is the most interactive
  - Choose the time when most audiences access to your page.

To reach the Page Insight feature, click “Insights” in the screen of page management, then click “Pages to watch” and add the pages you like in the list.

In this article, I would like to introduce about the “Pages to Watch” feature that belongs to Page Insight. This great tool is the best way to catch up with the most active pages you like. Facebook offers a detailed view of your page’s post of the existing walk. For this reason, you can check the top posts from every page you follow in a second.

Edit your ad preferences

Manage your ads you want to watch
Have you ever realized some irrelevant advertisements kept appearing in your feed? For a while, I think it is normal until it just keep happening for over a month and I feel very annoyed. Now I know what the problems come from and how to solve this situation. Let’s get started with the ads you have no interest.

Facebook page supports people’s business in a right way by offering marketers the comprehensive information on customers’ interests. Facebook can do this by relying on the things – usually personalities and celebrities you have liked or followed. Nevertheless, if there’s something out of your regular media feed, you are capable of adjusting your ad experience.

To perform this request, go to Setting > Ads > hit “Your interests.” You can delete eternally an interest by clicking delete. Under the tab “Advertisements you’ve interacted with,” you can add or remove one if you don’t want them to appear in your feed again. With the “Hide ads topic” tab, you can eliminate the ads which are relevant to alcohol or adult contents. However, this function is at the time of testing.

Conclusion: These are useful marketing options and hacks for everyone who runs Facebook page as their business. Although they are little-known features, it is not difficult to carry out. Follow some easy steps, and you will explore all the hidden secrets of Facebook. I hope you can use these features accurately and helpfully.

Four amazing ways of Facebook Fanpage can develop your business

Introduction: In our modern social life, communication via the Facebook network is widespread. We use this great social network not only for the ordinary chatting and posting things but also for business.

, Five years until now, marketing and advertising on Facebook are stepping up tremendously. We are now used to sponsored advertisements every time we surf the Newsfeed. However, a lot of investors question about the effect that Facebook marketing brings to us. And does Facebook help you grow your business? The answer is absolutely yes.

If you have no idea which are the most appropriate ways to develop your business with Facebook, this article will show you the tricks that help you achieve your goals quickly. Please keep track of our article to find out the proper methods.

1. Engage with your audience/ customers

Engage with your audiences well 
Connecting with your clients is an essential thing you need to follow the race. Your viewers conclude the variety of groups such as potential customers, former customers, current customers, fans of your contents or fans of your business, even the rivals of your business. For this reason, make the rich content that engages these groups of people.

6 Ways To Make Your Content Much More Attractive To Readers

Once FB has already changed the algorithm, businesses are worried about the customer appealing in their page when their fans have the right to decide the types of content they might want to enjoy or remove in their news feed.

The rate of reaching the audiences is 6 percent only on a page, and this ratio could strongly decrease in the forthcoming time. To prevent the negative situation, you need to some tips to improve the content to catch more audiences on your FB page. Here are six tricks to smooth your wave as follows.

1.Set the target for your content

One of the greatest features in the FB ads platforms are the administrator could enable the goals to appeal more specific audiences in the news feed. Similarly, you can do the same task for your content – set the targets in the content to let fans are attractive.
Which types of service and products do you want to entice potential clients? Do you know their hobbies? Do you understand their behavior in the long period of time? Do you realize their genders, their occupations, and their wish?

By allocating this, your content could be reached specific fans without investing the budget in promoting your FB page. In other words, your content does not make an annoyance and spread out other audiences.

Your Profile Pics Gain More Attention Than Your Cover Photo

We know this: The first impression determines all, and each of us only gets one chance to make it great in the eyes of others. Your attractiveness and the way you’re speaking can successfully camouflage your mistakes and other imperfection. In the online world where the first impression is created with your face through the profile picture, it is indeed true.

Not Cover Photo, But Profile Picture Helps Your Business

You might disagree with this, especially when Facebook cover photos are what we usually think of first as it comes to the first impression.

If noticing closely, you will see how the cover photo comes up at the top of your Timeline. When a Facebook user lands on your page, and you’d like them to find out who you are and what you do in 3 seconds, then a cover photo will be the first thing not to look away.

However, today we’re going to point out the strongest reasons why not your cover photo, but your profile picture actually helps the business. Everyone wants to own a highly effective Facebook page, but still, have no idea which elements make up a great Facebook page. While there are a large number of strategic elements that can help to contribute to the success of a business Facebook page, I must say that your profile picture is the most talked factor today.

While your cover photo offers others the first impression, then your profile picture is definitely the one they’ll see the most. If they’re not coming to visit your timeline, then they can see your profile photo on news feed, instead. Thus, in any social media marketing campaign, you need to put the best face forward to “wow” your potential clients, partners, and employers with a professional picture of you in the industry.

11 tips to make a Facebook post go massively viral

Advancements in digital technology have tremendously transformed the digital arena. This has made social media marketing a key segment of every company’s marketing strategy. Due to the enormous number of Facebook users most entrepreneurs use it as a platform to battle out their supremacy.

Everybody wants their Facebook posts to go viral. All types of Facebook posts whether text based, photos or videos have the potential of going viral thereby boosting your brand’s reputation.

Below are the secret ingredients on how to make a Facebook post go viral

1. Do not limit the type of posts you share

This calls for those involved in Facebook marketing to understand the various degrees of Facebook marketing. For example, some people tend to believe that only text based posts can be shared widely. On the contrary, other forms of posts such as videos and photos can also make your business the next big thing. For instance, if you run a food business, you can create videos on how to make certain menus, then share the link to that video on your Facebook page. For the same business idea you can share photographs of delicious and savory meals as well as share the menu as text.

2. Understand the quality of content that go viral

Most of the people who use Facebook marketing only hope that their content will go viral. This is because you cannot out rightly make a content go viral. The only thing you can do is develop it in such a way that your audience will be compelled to find it worthy of being shared. As such you should craft funny, compelling, educational, interesting and top quality content.

17 Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

As a small business, a successful Facebook Marketing strategy goes beyond a Facebook presence and posting updates. How can you effectively use Facebook Marketing for Business?

One platform

Before we even look at how you can use Facebook to market your brand, it is important to note that as a small business, it will pay off to focus on one social media platform, in this case, Facebook. Trying to keep up with multiple sites will be costly in the end, and time consuming as well.

On Facebook, you can create custom pages, post photos and videos, as well as engage with your audience. This is why many small business opt to use it as a marketing tool. Let us look at the strategies:

1. A good profile picture and cover photo

This seems pretty obvious. However, these two components make up your brand’s first impression. You can use your company’s logo as the profile picture. You can however be more creative with the cover. For instance, you can use a team photo or product display. You can also design something specific for this purpose.

17 Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Facebook Content Marketing: 8 Strategies to Increase Engagement

As a marketer, you have probably taken time to study who your target market is, their demographics, and even their behavior on Facebook. You even take time to publish good posts with high quality images. Unfortunately, your target audience does not engage with your content. What are some of the strategies that you can include in Facebook Content Marketing to increase engagement?

1. Mysterious Headlines

This is ideal for getting your audience to click on links. If your posts are mysterious, it’s very hard for your target audience not to click on them. A smart Facebook Marketing strategy is ensuring that your headlines are not too broad or too specific. Just let them be mysterious.

2. Product Preferences

This is a very effective aspect of any Facebook Content Strategy. It entails adding images of 2 products that you would want your target audience to choose from. The products do not necessarily need to be the ones that you deal with. They should however be relevant to your niche. For instance, you could ask your customers whether they would opt for a beer or wine. This technique works best for comments.