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Best SEO Companies and Services on the Current Market

Ask your family, friends, and other business owners to find and select the best SEO Company to track your digital marketing plan. Also, you should read some reviews from other customers to make a final decision.


Today, the rules of online marketing have been changed. If you do not have enough time to be aware of those changes, then you should find the best SEO Company or online marketing agency.

Professionals change your marketing plan and follow the latest changes in the market appropriately.Here are a few SEO service agencies you can read and consider for your company to follow a specific plan.

Best SEO companies on the current market that you may come across 

Straight North 

Straight North is a reliable company if you want to keep up with your online marketing strategy for the right direction.

Why Should You Add Mobile Marketing to Your Business Strategy Immediately?

Making a business strategy and plan is quite different from the previous period as you need to change some channels to run your advertising campaigns.


When everyone uses mobile every day, this is the time your marketing plan will be changed. Although they can take a tablet, desktop, and laptop to access the Internet and do their businesses; mobile also plays a key role to attract more customers.

If your business still does not add mobile marketing to the business strategy and plan, then you will surprise that your rivals can reach out several clients. This is the main reasons why you should also consider mobile marketing right away.

#1 –Make your website is visible in the Google Index

When your business strategy and marketing plan have mobile marketing, be sure that your website is also friendly and available in the Google Index as well as Google’s Mobileddon update. In other words, your website should be easy to access on every mobile device.

Does FB Marketing Still Work In 2017 And Later?

Facebook is one of the most popular media funnels for most of the marketers, especially in the digital marketing industry. As FB has a huge number of user around the world to appeal more enterprises and organizers to decide to choose FB is an online marketing tool in many years. FB ads have several features which marketers could reach the potential audiences through selecting your targets in the posts.
Today, FB has reached a brand awareness; technology capability as well as user faithfulness like Google or Apple. To keep the position in the golden top about the technology industry, FB needs to innovate and upgrade their streams regularly. The question is “will FB marketing still work in the upcoming time?”

Be a searching tool

FB has already launched a new feature which competes Google and Bing in the searching filed. With the Instant Articles, you can publish their articles in FB directly instead of transferring their outside websites. Furthermore, FB also has discharged another app which supports the users to write their status and finding an exact link in the status.

Four amazing ways of Facebook Fanpage can develop your business

Introduction: In our modern social life, communication via the Facebook network is widespread. We use this great social network not only for the ordinary chatting and posting things but also for business.

, Five years until now, marketing and advertising on Facebook are stepping up tremendously. We are now used to sponsored advertisements every time we surf the Newsfeed. However, a lot of investors question about the effect that Facebook marketing brings to us. And does Facebook help you grow your business? The answer is absolutely yes.

If you have no idea which are the most appropriate ways to develop your business with Facebook, this article will show you the tricks that help you achieve your goals quickly. Please keep track of our article to find out the proper methods.

1. Engage with your audience/ customers

Engage with your audiences well 
Connecting with your clients is an essential thing you need to follow the race. Your viewers conclude the variety of groups such as potential customers, former customers, current customers, fans of your contents or fans of your business, even the rivals of your business. For this reason, make the rich content that engages these groups of people.

How to make your marketing campaign more efficient on Facebook

Owing to its massive amount of users, enormous database and great targeting ability, Facebook is becoming an increasingly popular marketing choice. To gain success in business marketing on Facebook, there are tactics you have to learn before rushing to action. No one runs a radio ad on the television, so Facebook is also suitable for particular ways of advertising. Check the list below for things you should learn by heart in this business area.

1. Set a clear goal and sharpen your strategy.

Needless to say, you have to set targets for using Facebook in marketing, and an adequate strategy to achieve those targets. For instance, if a coffee shop using Facebook marketing decides that its goal is to raise the sales by 10% in the next 6 months, they have to come up with a suitable strategy, including:
  • Updating a new post every early morning with new, striking information of the day to attract viewers. The post can also include coupon code or other kinds of incentive.
  • Asking customers for permission to post the photos of theirs enjoying coffee at the shop
  • Encouraging customers to check-in for 10% sale
Having a goal and specific strategy encourage the business to invest more time and thinking in Facebook marketing, as well as guide its actions for the long term.
Facebook is the new destination of advertisers - Photo Credit:

2. Do not just focus on selling

In many people's view, Facebook is a social media page just for fun. So if you want to turn Facebook into a marketing tool, you have to do so tactfully. Successful Facebook advertisers are businesses who know how to join conversations, become parts of a community instead of making constant efforts just to sell products.